Recognizing the need to “foster club growth and flexibility,” the Rotary Club of Fort Collins (RCFC) Board of Directors authorized the expansion of the Club through the Satellite Group to provide an alternative form of membership to enhance member activities and engagement, membership growth and retention, improved member diversity, increased community and international service, increased support of The Rotary Foundation, and overall club effectiveness.
The RCFC Satellite will augment the efforts of the Rotary Club of Fort Collins in the following areas:
Increase in
  1. Club membership through enhanced recruitment and retention
  2. Club outreach throughout the area
  3. Support to The Rotary Foundation (by participation in programs and donations)
  4. Successful service projects (community and international)
  5. Member participation in club activities
Improvement in
  1. Leadership opportunities for club members
  2. Gender balance in the club’s membership
  3. Overall diversity within the club’s membership
  4. Decrease in the average age of the club membership
RCFC Satellite members, with assistance from RCFC members, are expected to complete at least two major service projects annually to improve the quality of life at home and abroad, while expanding international understanding and goodwill
For more information and to attend a meeting, call (970) 658-0816 or email